Sunday, May 12, 2013

Vintage Preparation

In a few weeks, Vintage will be held in North Carolina. It's an annual car show that caters to vintage BMWs, which means that the largest participant group is 2002 and 1600 owners. a few years ago, I threw together my newly bought 1600 (with a lot of help from local 2002 friends) and was able to make the drive to North Carolina to attend the show. Since then, I've been 2 for 3 on Vintage attendance.

So, since I've installed a new-ish M42 with a few weeks to spare, i spent this weekend doing a few preparations for the trip. I'm sure that I'll be irresponsibly fixing something the night before, but I'm doing what I can now to hedge my bets.

After I successfully test-drove the car sans hood, I bolted on the hood and took the car to work. On the way home, I noticed the temperature rising. I opened the hood and felt a lot of hot air coming out. The quiet 12" electric puller fan was just not cutting it, so today I swapped it out for a 16" fan that I barely fits in front of the radiator.

 photo 1600Running023_zpsdf534230.jpg

To squeeze it in there, I had to make a new mount for the radiator.

 photo 1600Running002_zps629bd7e4.jpg

 photo 1600Running003_zps65c23af9.jpg

 photo 1600Running018_zps70cfe809.jpg

 photo 1600Running016_zps763039be.jpg

I don't currently have a voltmeter in the car, but I need to monitor the charging system. It so happens that I recently bought some digital voltmeters for my wife's E30. I cut a piece of scrap sheet aluminum and filled the space left by a missing dash chrome panel. It's missing because I need all four of them and they cost $75 each.

The final product doesn't look all that great, but it's functional. That's pretty much my car's theme at this point.

 photo 1600Running007_zpsc6306ac5.jpg

 photo 1600Running008-1_zps2ea53169.jpg

 photo 1600Running011_zpsb396f322.jpg

 photo 1600Running015_zpse0d9039e.jpg

Then I washed and waxed her, which is kind of like vacuuming pet-stained carpet.

Whatever.....I love this car.

 photo 1600Running025_zps1fc59629.jpg

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