Sunday, April 28, 2013

M42 Installed.....Again

One of my reasons for upgrading to the M42 a few years ago was that I could conceivably replace an M42 a lot easier than an M10 and for considerably less money. I hadn't planned on having to replace the engine so soon, but it was a lot easier the second time.

Picking up where I left off, I bolted up a few more parts to the M42 before installation. These included the upper and lower intake manifolds, oil filter mount, the wiring harness, and the A/C compressor mount (not that I have A/C....yet).

 photo 0427132031a_zps9c0931cb.jpg

Then I bolted up the transmission. This was decidedly easier than wrestling it into position from under the car.

 photo 1600M42Install010_zpsfc31c733.jpg

Then I bolted the subframe to the engine, while still on the crane. Next, I dropped it to the ground, slid it under the engine bay and lifted it up through the engine bay. This was easily the smoothest and quickest engine install that I've ever done.

 photo m42Install_zps09de0506.gif

I still have to hook all the wiring, plumbing and accessories up, but this is progress.

 photo 1600M42Install025_zps87c7fc28.jpg

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Few More Baby Steps

Just a few more things checked off the list. I installed the water pump and thermostat. 

 photo 1600M42003_zps647abce5.jpg

Then I drilled and Helicoil'd four of the valve cover bolt threads. Yeesh. I also took the opportunity to repaint the valve cover and upper intake.

 photo 1600M42007_zps816c05d5.jpg

A once-over with the palm sander does wonders for detail.

 photo 1600M42009_zps1e3d7756.jpg

The gap in the ribs on the upper intake is from an ill-fitting strut brace rubbing the intake.

All bolted up:

 photo 1600M42014_zps950ef026.jpg

I also bolted in the coil-on-plug conversion plate along with the coils.

 photo 1600M42015_zps17b836d5.jpg

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little More Progress on the New(ish) Motor

After finding a stripped valve cover thread in the newer M42's head, I drilled and tapped it for a Helicoil. 

 photo M42006_zps9dbf6e6a.jpg

Then I cleaned up the bottom end and bolted on the E30 upper and lower oil pans.

 photo M42022_zpsd07b2063.jpg

 photo M42023_zps4786e2ac.jpg

The studs are there for two reasons. First, they are really helpful for holding the gasket and pan in place while you're Loctite-ing your bolts. Second, some of the holes were mildly stripped, so I chased the threads a little deeper and installed the studs for more bite.

Next up, reinstallation.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Drastic Measures

I've been battling an intermittent overheating problem since I first installed the M42. I've replaced the thermostat twice, the radiator twice and the water pump once. I've flushed and bled the coolant system more times than I care to remember. Still, I keep getting air in the pressurized coolant system, which ultimately allows for a hotspot and boils the coolant, producing more air.

So, I'm replacing the only thing I have left to replace: the engine.

I'm guessing at this point that the head gasket is leaking and allowing air to get from a cylinder to the coolant system. So, I found another used engine. In all fairness, one of the reasons that I originally had for doing this swap was that a future engine swap would be easier. This is already proving out in that I found a cheap replacement motor that just happens to have a warranty on it's newly rebuild head.

So here is what I bought:

 photo IMG_4380_zpsaab26119.jpg

It's from an early E36, so I have to swap over the E30 oil pan and intake manifold.

So, let's get to work.

 photo 0414131345_zps78af4565.jpg

After wrestling with the engine from the top, I gave up and returned to the tried and true "from the bottom" drivetrain removal method. Here we are after a weekend of work:

 photo 0420131235a_zps7232c9a7.jpg

A little cleanup is in order.

 photo 0420131401_zps95d70ff5.jpg

After a little cleaning and some touch-up paint:

 photo M42RampR011_zps5d8f8592.jpg

I also started on refreshing a few gaskets on the E36 M42, just because it's easier to do most of these when the engine is on a stand.

New rubber timing chain cover outer profile gasket and tensioner plug crush ring.

 photo M42RampR002_zps8d25cc5b.jpg

Prepped to receive the E30 oil pan and intake, once they are clean:

 photo M42RampR014_zps94070abe.jpg