Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little More Progress on the New(ish) Motor

After finding a stripped valve cover thread in the newer M42's head, I drilled and tapped it for a Helicoil. 

 photo M42006_zps9dbf6e6a.jpg

Then I cleaned up the bottom end and bolted on the E30 upper and lower oil pans.

 photo M42022_zpsd07b2063.jpg

 photo M42023_zps4786e2ac.jpg

The studs are there for two reasons. First, they are really helpful for holding the gasket and pan in place while you're Loctite-ing your bolts. Second, some of the holes were mildly stripped, so I chased the threads a little deeper and installed the studs for more bite.

Next up, reinstallation.

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