Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Few More Baby Steps

Just a few more things checked off the list. I installed the water pump and thermostat. 

 photo 1600M42003_zps647abce5.jpg

Then I drilled and Helicoil'd four of the valve cover bolt threads. Yeesh. I also took the opportunity to repaint the valve cover and upper intake.

 photo 1600M42007_zps816c05d5.jpg

A once-over with the palm sander does wonders for detail.

 photo 1600M42009_zps1e3d7756.jpg

The gap in the ribs on the upper intake is from an ill-fitting strut brace rubbing the intake.

All bolted up:

 photo 1600M42014_zps950ef026.jpg

I also bolted in the coil-on-plug conversion plate along with the coils.

 photo 1600M42015_zps17b836d5.jpg

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