Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Fuel Injectors

When I installed the M42 last year, I refreshed all of the intake seals and took care of the mess under the intake. One thing that didn't make the budget (other than a water pump....argh) was the fuel injectors. So, after a little research and some lengthy thread-sorting at, I bought some reconditioned Bosch 0280155710 injectors, which were OEM for a Ford mustang of indeterminate year. They're match the stock M42 injectors in output, dimensions and plug type, but have a much better spray pattern. They require a 1/2 washer around their base to mount, but no one will see that.

Here you can see the extent to which one must go to remove and replace fuel injectors in an M42. You have to remove the upper and lower manifolds, electrical connection to the fuel rail, a few vacuum lines and fuel lines.

Then you can remove all of the clips and remove the old injectors. Guess which ones are the new injectors.

I had to remove the O-ring at the spraying end of each injector to fit the washer over them.

Then, I installed them in the fuel rail and mounted the apparatus on the lower intake manifold.

.....and installed that assembly on the head.

Once I got everything bolted back together, it was clear just how hidden the new injectors are.

I also installed my salvage yard-find 19mm rear swaybar. I modified the end links that I had (yes, still rubber bushings for now) with spherical joints from I have the matching 22mm swaybar for the front, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

I'm still staring at those disk brakes, though......

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