Sunday, May 20, 2012

Front Swaybar, Wiring Finished, Wipers On and Other Small Details

Progress has been made on a number of fronts. I finished up all but a few details in the wiring, installed the new front swaybar, installed the muffler, made some improvements to the emergency brake cable setup, put the interior back together and took it for a test drive; all with help in no small part from Dudley.

First, the emergency brake cable adapters:

I started with a spare spacer from the inner control arm joint.

Then I cut it into three pieces.

Then I ground them down to 31mm each. Since I needed a total of 35mm of spacing, I planned on using 4mm thick washers that had an ID that was close to the brake cable boss. 

Now the emergency brake engages with 4-5 clicks of the handle.

Next, I installed the 22mm swaybar:

See the difference? I bought new 22mm swaybar bushings from, though Ireland Engineering sells them as well.

Then I got to the wiring.

The 1600 harness didn't have a single relay, so I added five of them. 

I also wired up the tach adapter and adjusted the wipers. 

Dudley and I threw the interior back together and I wired up the gauge cluster.

After realizing that the dome light wiring should have been done before the headliner was installed, I decided on an alternate course. I mounted two small LED lights in each footwell. I'll likely add more later, but I like this look so far.

The muffler got a coat of high-temp paint, but no tip. I like the stock, lower volume exhaust, if I could just get the engine to idle properly......more on that later.

I still can't stop looking at the rear discs.

There are still a few things to get done before Vintage, most importantly getting the M42 back to a smooth idle.

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