Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Weekend Progress (but not too much)

I spent most of this weekend prepping the E21 five speed and its shifter linkage for sale, since I have to at least try to cover some of my scope creep costs. I hate to think of auto parts, or even cars, as equity, but I suppose there's some value to be recovered. At any rate, the 1600 can always use a project fund.

Aside from cleaning up and photographing parts, I started to strategize the shifter linkage situation and I got the car up in preparation for removing and replacing the rear subframe.

Other than swapping in 2002 CV axles and E21 rear drums, we haven't touched anything back here yet, as should be obvious. I wonder if a local shop might have an outdoor lift that they'd let me use in combination with a power washer and a bucket of Simple Green.

I did install the throttle linkage on the engine side. I still need to make a bracket to hold the pedal box end, but the throttle body side looks good and seems to actuate easily. I cut and ground down the cable crimping pat that came with the Lokar 36" throttle cable and otherwise used the stock M42 throttle body parts.

In the tunnel, I realized after installing the engine and transmission, that the stock transmission mounts should have been cut out. I was hoping that I could leave them, but they make contact with the M42 transmission. Time to brake out the Sawzall!

Otherwise, the shifter linkage will need to be figured out soon. More on that later; I might have some salvage yard hunting to do on that front.

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