Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Made A New Friend

As it turns out, shuttling kids around in a two door 1600 isn’t as easy as one might guess. You really need four doors. The responsible thing to do would be to buy a cheap, ten year old Subaru Forester that gets reasonable fuel economy and whose all wheel drive will make light work of any weather conditions that I’m likely to encounter. Their parts are cheap and available, and SG Foresters are disposable and replaceable as one’s needs change. 

Instead, I got this thing. It’s a 1970 BMW 2500 with a 2.8L M30 and a four speed. I first heard of this  car a year or two ago, when my friend Paul heard that I was casually interested in an E3, and inquired on my behalf to his friend, Sam, about one that he thought he might sell. Sam’s first response was, “He knows it’s terrible, right?”

Perfect. Let’s go. 

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