Saturday, March 28, 2015

Corrado Steelies

After years of service on two different sets of wheels, I finally decided against squeezing another season out of my all season Toyo tires. They did their job, but weren't the grippiest. They were really a jack of all seasons, and a master of none.  So, after searching for quite a while and flirting with some NK steel wheels, I finally found an acceptable deal on a set of VW G60 Corrado steel wheels. They're 15x6, which gives me an inch in diameter over the current E30 steelies.

The only downside to this purchase is that I bought them from an individual who already purchased and mounted tires to them. The tires are good summer Vredesteins, but they're 10-20mm narrower than I would prefer, at 175/50R15. They aren't bad, and they certainly stick to the road, but the next set will be wider. 

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