Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vintage 2013

I made the drive to Vintage 2013 in Winston-Salem, NC. It was good to see everyone again and meet some new people as well. I caravaned down with a group of locals.

Leaving DC:

 photo Vintage2013043_zps482d4d73.jpg

Coffee and a quick timing adjustment for Dudley at Marshall's place:

 photo Vintage2013045_zps926c1bef.jpg

Parking lot at the hotel:

 photo 0523131948_zps1cff7ef3.jpg

Day 1 Autocross Event (I wasn't brave enough to risk breaking my car 300 miles from home):

 photo 0524131215_zps93ef01eb.jpg

Day 2 Show at Westbend Vineyard:

 photo Vintage2013116_zps88676b9d.jpg

 photo 0525131436a_zps8f667276.jpg

 photo 0525131436_zps9607f8e6.jpg

A Glas 1600GT:

 photo Vintage2013102_zps0f8cb802.jpg

 photo Vintage2013088_zpsc9965827.jpg

A genuine 2002turbo:

 photo 0525131205c_zps3215a8d2.jpg

 photo 0525131205_zps00029bac.jpg

 photo Vintage2013068_zpsba346a85.jpg

 photo 0525131045c_zps335cbfa3.jpg

 photo 0525131045_zps73a5f9fc.jpg

I won the trophy for "Best Patina"

 photo 0525131734_zpsff317e84.jpg

The drive home:

 photo Vintage2013175_zpsc3458977.jpg

 photo Vintage2013152_zpsaf3d3242.jpg

Had a little hiccup on the way home. I noticed a drip from under the car when we stopped for lunch. This little hose under the intake split, so we had to repair it. Thankfully, we didn't need to remove the intake to do it.

 photo Vintage2013181_zps587a0b2f.jpg

 photo Vintage2013179_zps103119c3.jpg

Twenty minutes later, we were back on the road.

 photo Vintage2013151_zps79e92bcb.jpg

Great weekend!


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