Sunday, May 15, 2011

Driveshaft, Coolant Lines and an Electric Fan

I found this 12" electric fan and mounted it on the radiator with the little plastic ties that go through the radiator core. I also spent some quality time in the back of an Advance Auto Parts store, selecting appropriate hoses to cut up and use to close the cooling system on the M42. For now, I looped the heater input and output to each other because I will soon be removing the heater box in lieu of another HVAC system. More on that later.

Dudley and I also scoured the local salvage yard for a collar nut for the driveshaft, since I misplaced the original one. After returning from that adventure, we bolted in the driveshaft, complete with a new pilot bushing.

I just have to wire up the reverse lights and fill the transmission with gear oil.

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