Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting Rid of the Gas Smell

After the slightly colder weather forced me to roll up my windows for the first time since the car has moved on it's own, I realized that the smell of gas from the trunk was nearly coma-inducing. I temporarily fixed the issue by sealing up the speaker holes in the rear deck. To attack the actually problem, I inspected the vent tube in the trunk. As with all early 02s, the tube just runs from the filler neck to a little hole at the rear of the trunk to vent outside. As with many early 02s, the little grommet that holds the tube in place and prevents fumes from re-entering the trunk has disappeared. Not satisfied with merely fabricating a new grommet to replace the NLA one, I mimicked the later 2002 models' carbon-fume-capture system.

First I bought a bottle of fish tank filter activated charcoal, some 3/8" - 1/4" tubing, a few 1/4" brass fittings, some JB Kwik, two brackets, two 3"-5" plumbing hose clamps and a quart-sized paint can.

Next, I drilled a hole in the lid and the can.

I then glued the fittings in from the inside and filled the can with the charcoal pellets.

I snapped the lid onthe can with the above orientation.

While I was waiting on the glue to dry, I pop-riveted the brackets together. I later expanded the 90 degrees bracket to be a little more obtuse.

I bolted the bracket to the existing hardware in the trunk.

Next, I cut the vent tube off just a few inches from the filler neck.

I then ran the tubing as seen above. The bottom tube runs to the original exit hole, but sticks out a bit further.

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