Monday, May 24, 2010

Interior Halfway Point

Jim, Dudley, Bill and Cuttie showed up over the weekend to help move things along. Bill and Cuttie helped me get the door hardware in, mount the brake booster and swap the H4 headlights. Jim and I installed the front lockstrip with surprising ease (WD-40 is the key). I was also able to install the rear interior panels, the back of the rear seat and a door panel. Duplicolor's Vinyl and Fabric dye is awesome. Every square inch of the car's vinyl used to be blue.


Also, I wired in the WestCo battery. This one isn't quite as powerful as the Optima Redtop that I used to have, but fits under the back seat and holds plenty of juice. I'll soon have a battery mount bracket from 02 Again to secure it.


She's really getting close!


Left to do:
Bleed the brakes and clutch, finish up door hardware and door panel, install carpet, finish wiring up the ignition, set the forward motion limiter, install driving lights and wire the electric fuel pump. Only four more days until V@V!

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