Wednesday, January 13, 2010

EDIS with Stock Plug Wires

Years ago, I assembled a Megasquirt II EFI computer with the hopes of electronic fuel injection and ignition control. Finishing school, moving, finding a job in this economy and keeping said job all became hinderances to the speed of the conversion. Though I might get to the EFI side this summer, I have been running the Ford EDIS hardware in congress with Megasquirt for a few years now with glorious results. There are no points to wear out and the timing is smoooooooth all the way through the RPM range. Additionally, if I feel a sputter, I can usually guess that it's not in the timing.

Now, the only problem with my setup was that in using the early 1990s Ford Escort coil pack, I was forced to use early 1990s Ford Escort spark plug wires, which have a funny, angled boot on each wire. They don't fit into the deep, recessed spark plug holes very well and I was constantly worried that they would make contact with the head and melt.

After someone on the messageboard pointed me in the right direction, I found this:


This is an Accel coil pack for a 1999 1/2 to 2004 Ford Focus "...and other Ford applications with "European Contacts."" The European contacts are the real plus here; they facilitate the use of stock BMW 2002 plug wires, which have a nice, ceramic boot that stays away from all the hot stuff. The p/n is #140028 and it's sold for areound $60 new. Accel claims a 15% output increase over stock. That should do just fine for my little M10.

Of course, I couldn't leave it yellow, so I sanded the plastic a little and gave it a coat of brown spray paint for an almost-Bosch look.





Yes, I realize that my engine bay looks like crap, but this is a step forward. When I can afford to strip the whole car down and put together a nice, organized engine bay, I will. For now, I'll stick with functionality.

One note: the Accel coil pack bolts into the bracket for the old-style coil pack, but the bolts need a few washers because of the height difference. I used two pop-rivet washers per bolt and it fits perfectly.


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